Mission & Vision

The First Baptist Spartanburg Mission Statement

Building on a wonderful past, we are asking God to help us become a church where all of her members want to invite anyone and everyone to come to First Baptist to encounter the living Lord Jesus Christ. This is our goal! We are firmly convinced God has placed us here to fulfill a mission “to encourage complete and courageous living in Christ.” We believe that “in Christ, more is possible than you can ever imagine." 



— Dr. Don Wilton, Pastor




Absolute Truth -
We value the Bible alone as God’s Word

“I have been a member of First Baptist for 73 years and the Bible has always been foundational at our church. Sitting under the preaching of Dr. Slaughter, Dr. Walker and now Dr. Wilton it is obvious they believe the Bible is the greatest book ever written. Its writers were inspired by God to reveal to us His wonderful plan of salvation. What a great God to love each of us so much to send  His Son to die on the cross for our sins and to reveal to us what God was truly like. Knowing this truth is consistently proclaimed all the way from the pulpit to our preschool teachers thrills my heart.”        Grady Stewart

Intentional Unity -
We value a determined oneness for the purposes of God   

“All my life people at First Baptist have invested in me. Even when I was small, I felt the love and devotion of my Sunday School teachers and others. They were united in the purpose of nurturing me. So when I went overseas as a young adult, those were the people who prayed for me. When I came back I felt right at home because of the unity of purpose.
   Now that I am married, that unity pushes me and my husband Scott to give back. Even though we don’t have children, we want to be involved with the kids because we see the value of investing in their lives.”      Jenny Neely Sewell

Redemptive Passion -
We value burdened hearts for broken people
“There was a time in my life when outwardly, I appeared to be happy but inwardly I was miserable. At a Mirror Image concert Dr. Wilton pointed out that the chains of sin are stronger and more destructive than the chains binding prisoners. That night the Lord accepted me as one of His and totally released me from the chains of sin, confusion, and wrong relationships. I am no longer a wandering generality but a meaningful specific. Each morning when I wake up there are no thoughts of regret; I begin each day with praise, thanksgiving, and worshipping God. I am at peace no matter where I am.”    Jay Pierce
Dependant Prayer -
We value continual conversation with God
“Being a part of a praying church gives me peace in knowing we are committing everything to God first. We can put all our trust in God no matter what. The only way to do that is to stay in a continual relationship with him. We depend on continuous conversation with God to bring us close to Him. The Bible tells us to pray without ceasing. I don’t have to pray at a certain time; I can pray in the morning and continue during the day. He’s always there listening.
    Our Prayer Wall is a constant reminder that we are a praying people. We depend on God to direct everything we do. After all, He is the one who has the plan. We can depend totally on Him. What a blessing to know we can rest in Him and depend on Him to guide and direct us no matter what.”    Deborah Irvin
Generational Potential -
We value every generation reaching every generation
“Perhaps one of the most undeniable strengths before us is the obvious generational process in a church family. The legacy of love and continuing drive to strengthen our church family, the body of Christ, is overwhelming. Our church’s greatness is rooted in our tremendous strength passed from generation to generation. People who have gone before us have held to strict principles of trying to win souls and bond the church family. The faith that makes it good now is what made it good in the past and will carry us into the future.”
   Bill Jeffords