Mission Measure

The pastor reminds us we need to define our "win" -  how do we know if we are fulfilling our mission and The Great Commission (Mark 16:15) This instructs us to go – beyond our comfort zones, our excuses, and our fears. Many times we equate “go” with traveling far from home into a different culture. But the person in the cubicle beside you at work or the soccer mom you see beside the practice field is just as much “all the world” as lands abroad.
Living up!
Have you met with God today personally?
Evangelism begins privately, but doesn’t end there. The only way to live up to our full potential as disciples of Christ is by stepping aside from the urgency of each day long enough to spend time alone with God. This may seem impossible. But take an honest look at what you could sacrifice to create a quiet time. Could you give up 20 minutes of predawn sleep, a TV program that really isn’t that entertaining anyway, or wasted minutes gossiping on the telephone? Time spent in Bible study and prayer prepares us for future encounters with those who are searching. Are you looking up, fixing your eyes on Jesus, the author and finisher of your faith?
Living with!
Do you have any 2a.m. friends?
Friends you can call at any time. if you need help or simply a listening ear? Are you the kind of friend who is willing to be available in times of difficulty? Relationships don’t just happen; they take time and effort. Often, we look at relationships with selfish intent, wondering what we will gain. Other times, when relationships are strained or challenging, we tend to avoid working on them, feeling the extra effort isn’t worth it. Fear of getting hurt takes over, paralyzing us into inaction. Our best model for relationships is that of Jesus and his Father – a relationship based on love, forgiveness, and sacrifice.
Living for!
Have I discovered my sweet spot of service? Have you bought someone a Coke® lately?
All of us have abilities we have been uniquely given by God for service. Sometimes it’s easy… sometimes it’s not. It’s hard to have relationships with those who are different. But perhaps these are the very people who need to know the love of Christ. Would you be willing to buy one of these individuals a Coke® or a cup of coffee and listen to what is going on in his or her life? Zacchaeus was a quirky, unpopular little man, but Jesus asked him to come down out of a tree and go to lunch with him. That encounter changed Zacchaeus’ life. You could do the same for someone. Have you discovered your sweet spot of service?
Living Out!
Am I close to someone who is far from God?
We can readily invent excuses for why we don’t want to get involved with those outside our immediate circle of friends and family. Perhaps we’re afraid another relationship will sap any remaining free time on our calendars. Or maybe we feel insecure in approaching someone on a spiritual level. Current culture has brainwashed us into believing we’re invading people’s privacy if ask faith questions or share our personal testimonies. But many are searching, hungry, and eager for spiritual nourishment. If you never interact with those who don’t know Christ, consider broadening your relationships to include them. Do your homework by having a quiet time. Be open to the prompting of the Holy Spirit. Look for opportunities. When God provides them, He always equips you to act on His behalf.