We have just the place for you in our adult ministries!

Whether you're a new college student or a senior adult looking to plug in, we have a spot for you. All of our ministries work together towards our four-fold strategy: Worship, Prepare, Serve, Engage.



Have I met with the Lord personally today?

Worship is about giving the Lord Jesus everything. Singing songs of praise and living daily in God's Word go hand in hand. Our glorious Creator and Savior has made a way for us, and we have the humbling opportunity to read His Word and praise His Name directly to Him! Do you know Him today?



Do I have any 2 a.m. friends?

In Christ, we are made complete and need nothing else! However, we were not designed to face this life alone. Are you close with other believers who would be there for you if you needed them at 2 a.m.? Our desire at FBS is that everyone would have friends like that. For that reason, we have Life Groups—groups of believer friends who do life together. You're invited to join in! Let's prepare for life together in the Lord.



Have I found my sweet spot of service?

Have you bought someone a Coke lately? Serving others is our joy and desire at FBS, because we worship Jesus Christ! Jesus was the ultimate servant, and our desire is to be like Him. Is your sweet spot of service in giving time or money to someone in need? Maybe you have a set of skills that can help fix your neighbor's porch. Or maybe you can help teach a bible study to a group of young students.  Are you able to paint a smiling child's face, or help hand out school supplies at a community outreach event? There are endless opportunities to serve!



Am I close to someone who is far from God?

Jesus sent us on an important mission—to reach the lost. Jesus befriended and spent a lot of time with people who had nothing to do with church in order to show them love and ultimately reach them with the Gospel. Our mission is to do the same. Who does that mean for you? Is it that lady you see each week at the grocery store? Maybe you have a family member who does not know the Lord or who has strayed off the path. We are surrounded by people who do not know God personally. Let's engage them by getting to know them, and share the message of Jesus Christ with them!