Young Married Adults


Because we don't do life in isolation...

If you've read any of the Bible, you notice the phrase "one another" a lot. You see things like "love one another", "serve one another", "bear with one another", "spur one another on in love and good deeds", "live in harmony with one another". Clearly God wants us to live life together in community. This is the primary place we see the Gospel in full expression...and it is beautiful. Come be a part of one of these open groups. They are always looking to add more folks to share life with. As you walk the halls on Sunday mornings, you will hear groups bursting out in laughter over some of life's follies and you will see groups praying over an individual struggling with life's curve balls. The only thing missing is you! Click here for a list of Sunday Life Groups.


Because life happens in homes...

Midweek Home Life Groups are a great option for those who seek a more cozy setting, discussion-oriented Bible study, and freedom to serve on Sunday mornings. These are small groups of 8 to 20 young married adults who gather in homes during the week to do life together, make an impact in their community, and use God’s word to grow in Life with Jesus. Home Life  We have groups meeting across Spartanburg. Click here for a list.



Because the Bible is living and active...

The Bible is simply incredible! There is so much to discover and connect with. We have Bible Studies that meet Sunday - Thursday. These are small and large groups that gather weekly to dive into God's Word. They typically cover a specific topic or book of the Bible and meet for a defined length of time. Click here for a listing of all of our current Bible Studies!



Because life gets messy...

Let's be honest...marriage is tough. Add kids and the stress level goes up even further. We know that and want to stand by your side as you encounter rough patches. We provide free marriage counseling to help guide you through any challenges you encounter with marriage or parenting. We also regularly offer Parent's Night Out so that you can go out on a date with your honey! We partner with the Kid Depot to give you Marriage/Parenting Enrichment Seminars and Bible studies. We want you to experience the great joy of marriage and leading your children in the 21st century.


Because occasionally you have to just get away...

You will want to plan on joining us February 6 and 7 as we go to the Southpark region of Charlotte for a time of fun, relaxation, good food, and spiritual enrichment. Details will be forthcoming...



Because sometimes it takes a woman to understand a woman...

We have a wonderful women's ministry at FBS, and it has a new branch called Woven. It is lead by young women and for young women. Keep up with all of their activities here.



What is the Music Like? And The Message?

Depending on what service you attend, the music style will vary, but the central heart of worship will remain the same! It's all about Jesus Christ.

Celebration Service (9:00 AM / Sanctuary)

Join the contemporary choir & orchestra, and the praise team as we sing traditional hymns, anthems of praise and contemporary worship songs.

Classic Service (10:30 AM / Sanctuary)

Join in classic worship with our traditional choir, accompanied by pipe organ and piano.

Genesis Services (9:00 & 10:30 AM / Hangar Auditorium)

Join our Genesis Worship Band in singing modern worship songs as well as traditional hymns of the faith.

4 Services, 1 Congregation

No matter what service you attend, our pastor Dr. Wilton will join you either on stage or on screen, depending on the Sunday. The whole church body hears the same message and can experience the teaching of God's Word together at the same time.

My Life Just Isn't Right For Church...

Not True! From the guy in the pulpit to the smiling face at the door, we're all somewhere on a journey with God. Has yours started? Nothing in your past, present, or future is too big for God to get you through. Join us this Sunday, and let God speak right to your heart.

We'll Be There. Will You?

Challenge God. Show up and ask Him to show up in a real way in your life. Talk to Him right now! Remember, you don't have to walk into a church building for Him to hear or see you. The God of the universe is a word away. Talking to Him is the most important thing you can ever do. At FBS, you'll see the slogan "In Christ More Is Possible Than You Can Ever Imagine" posted on walls, and all over our website and media—That's because we believe it. Join us this Sunday and see what Jesus does. In Christ more is possible than you can ever imagine.

Need to talk to someone right now? Call 1.877.4.HE.CARES ( 187744322727 )