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Visit our national ministry, The Encouraging 

Visit our radio partnership with His Radio at The Z Radio

Tune in for the live broadcast at 11:00 a.m. EST on WSPA, News Channel 7

OR you can hear our service live online on The Z Radio!


Media Ministry Mission Statement

First Baptist exists to Encourage Complete and Courageous Living in Christ. The Media Ministry is fulfilling that mission by engaging all forms of technology to communicate the gospel and by creating environments for personally encountering Christ.


Can you use your TV-remote? We Need You!

Each week hundreds of volunteers behind the scenes control everything from audio and video to confetti cannons... All to help us create environments for worship and to share that experience with many! We would love to show you how you can plug in - literally. Text me (Britt Dillard at 864.706.5433) and let schedule a time for you to observe our volunteer team in action... and see if it might be for you!