Prayer and Fasting

Letter from the Pastor

Together, we are praying and fasting before the Lord, so He can show us something as we draw together as a church. The Power of One starts with the individual and completes with One body of Christ working together according to His call. Join us as we pray and fast together!

Dear Church Family,

When God spoke to Nehemiah he prayed, fasted and all the people joined together as one to accomplish God's purpose. Jehoshaphat called all the people to pray and fast together in the face of a great enemy advance (2 Chron. 20). The battle was won. The church in Lystra, Iconium, and Antioch were collectively called to prayer and fasting by the disciples (Acts 14). They were facing many tribulations. God delivered them. Many other biblical examples abound.
This is why we are called to 40 days of prayer and fasting. We can do this. We must do this. The Bible clearly describes fasting as "not eating food." I have shared a  number of ways you can be involved. Pray, choose, select, adjust, and do!
I have also shared some thoughts for those with special considerations such as smaller children or those who have medical conditions. My fervent prayer is for all of us to experience a renewed intimacy with our Savior. How can we ever be the same when we walk closely with the Lord?
I am calling on all who love the Lord Jesus to join together in a time set aside for prayer and fasting. I have often wondered why the Lord chose to "pick" on food. Perhaps because eating is something we all do from the moment we are born. We all need to eat. We all love to eat. This is why we fast from food and pray to God. Losing one finds the other. Hunger pangs are replaced with spiritual fulfillment. Intimacy with God is the result. Through our faith in God as a church family, He will do for us what we cannot do for ourselves. Thank you in advance for joining me in being a part of something that only God can do!

Your friend and pastor,



Below is our prayer guide for each of the forty days. We hope you'll join us in prayer!


  1. Church unity in purpose and mission
  2. 5 lost friends by name
  3. The homeless in our community
  4. Spartanburg leaders who need to know Christ
  5. Helping Center volunteers sharing Christ in word and deed
  6. Sacrificial giving to mission of FBS
  7. New opportunities for sharing Christ
  8. God to reveal your role in His mission
  9. Dr. Don & Karyn Wilton
  10. Passion for the lost
  11. Greater understanding of God’s Word
  12. US President and political leaders
  13. Chip Foster and all our Deacons
  14. Members of our Church Council
  15. Long range plans for FBS
  16. Ministers and their families
  17. Marriage bonds strengthened
  18. Senior Adults to come to Christ
  19. Broken and humbled hearts for the Lord
  20. Obedience to Biblical Stewardship
  21. Burden for the lost and boldness to share
  22. Strength for holy living
  23. Those in physical pain
  24. More salvations on TV and radio
  25. Finances for church HVAC upgradesand replacement
  26. A place to serve locally and globally
  27. Lost neighbors and friends
  28. The 26% living in poverty in Spartanburg
  29. Thousands of refugees moving to Spartanburg
  30. Financial wisdom
  31. All peoples welcome within FBS
  32. Wisdom for our Life Group teachers
  33. Missionaries serving around the world
  34. Our hearts to be open to sharing the gospel
  35. God to raise up teams to share Christ during Spring Fling.
  36. A brokenness for the lost—Families to be heart-broken for lost friends
  37. Parents Pursuing Holy Living; Children, teenagers & students seeing parents pursuing Holy Living
  38. Families in our weekday preschool
  39. Receptive hearts for Christ during VBS
  40. Real revival and awakening in USA